Digital Sickness Cage

Measuring instrument
Measurement accuracy
Measurement accuracy is ± 0.6% FS.
It is ± 0.018 mm for measurement range up to 3.0 mm.
Weight Main unit of measuring instrument 120g Power supply 450g


Realizes overwhelming shortening of gap measurement time


The gap measuring instrument has been developed so that it can quickly measure deep gaps that have been difficult to measure up to now. Measuring gaps that are deep relative to the gap entrance is usually difficult. Accurately recording which position was measured was also time-consuming work. This gap measurer can quickly and accurately measure the position and gap of deep gaps. It is possible to measure gaps with a depth of 80mm at a speed of 1m/min. It is possible to continuously measure by inserting the measurement probe into the gap and moving the cart. There is no need to perform complicated work such as origin position adjustment, and measurement can be performed immediately after attaching a sticker to the object. Measurement results are displayed on the screen as 1mm square mesh data.


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