Company Profile

Company Profile

KYOOKA Co., Ltd.

1-22-13, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0043, Japan
December 3, 1970
July 1, 1972
30 million yen
Chairman Yoshinori Kyooka
Company executive Yoshiteru Kyooka
12 employees
・Aircraft (fuselage/engine) department: Development and sales of production equipment and inspection measuring instruments as a manufacturer (3 domestic and foreign patents)
・Camera (smartphone, etc.) department: Manufacture of production equipment as a supplier.
・Hard Disk Division/Development and sales of production equipment and inspection measuring instruments as a semi-manufacturer
・Others (Cars, Printers, Etc) Division/Processing of parts for production equipment as a supplier Development, sales, and maintenance management of precision equipment
・Development, design, import/export, sales, and maintenance management of computers, peripheral devices, and terminal equipment
・Software development, import/ export, sales, and maintenance management of computers From development cooperation and export to import
MUFG Bank / Mizuho Bank / Jonan Shinkin Bank
Steel-reinforced four-story building, 660㎡
ISO9001 , ISO14001 , JQSQ9100

Greetings from the President

With Change

Since our founding, we have conducted our business based on the philosophy that the products we sell are our greatest sales force.

Currently, we provide products and services in collaboration with customers and our own products, and supply original products to the market.

We will continue to coexist with the society of the time, and aim to be a company that can continue to develop with creativity.
Company executive
Yoshiteru Kyooka


December 1970
Founded in Akishima City
July 1972
Established Kyooka Seiki Co., Ltd.
October 1974
Capital increased to 8 million yen
June 1977
Moved to Mitsugi, Musashimurayama City
August 1985
Yamagata Factory started operation
September 1985
Capital increased to 10 million yen
May 1986
Kyooka Seiki Yamagata Factory becomes independent as Y.tech Co., Ltd.
June 1996
Company name changed to KYOOKA Co., Ltd.
December 1997
Head office relocated to Meguro-ku, Tokyo
October 1999
Capital increased to 30 million yen
January 2007
Acquired ' ISO 9001' certification
January 2007
Acquired ' ISO 14001' certification
June 2016
Acquired ' JIS Q 9100' certification

Partner Companies

Introducing partner companies that complement each other and work together to create and utilize more advanced technology. We will continue to create new value through co-creation with partner companies.

Y.tech Co., Ltd.

Manufacture, Development, Design of Die, Machine tool and Precision instrument.


KYOOKA Co., Ltd.


1-22-13, Higashiyama,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0043, Japan

11 minute walk from Nakameguro Station
on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya/Tokyu Toyoko Line
13 minutes walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station
on the Tokyu Den/En-toshi Line
Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays

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